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Ristorante Gemelli Re-Opening Strategy

Service and Sanitation Standards

Overall Facility

  •  Hand sanitizing stations are placed at every entrance and exit

  •  Doors, high touch, or common surfaces are sanitized with disposable wipes or spray and
     paper towels every 30 minutes

  •  Kitchen surfaces are cleaned and sanitized with disposable wipes or spray and paper
     towels every 30 minutes

  • Social distancing of 6 feet is practiced by all employees at each shift, when possible

  • Tables are separated by 6 feet and will capacity will be capped at 50%

  •  Postings are placed strategically throughout the restaurant to educate Guests and staff
     with the following information:
    -How to properly wash your hands
    -How to properly wear a face mask
    -How to prevent the spread of COVID-19


  •  Employees undergo a health screening by a Manager prior to the start of their shift

  •  On passing the health screening, the employee washes his/her hands with soap and hot
     water for 20 seconds, is provided gloves, and is provided a mask

  •  Employees will change their gloves throughout the shift in accordance with FDA food
     safety guidelines

  •  Managers will ensure that employees wash their hands multiple times throughout the
     shift for at least 20 seconds

  • Employees are encouraged to stay home when sick, wear masks,  maintain social distance and practice good hygiene including washing hands more often. 


  • Tables and chairs are sanitized before and after every seating with disposable wipes or
    sanitizer spray and paper towels

  • We provide a single use menu upon request; we sanitize the laminated menus after every use. We pre-roll silverware while wearing PPP

  • Bartenders must use tongs to garnish drinks

Ongoing Education for Employees

As quickly as information and guidelines are changing, we must continue to train and educate our staff on a daily basis. Please note that Lessing’s commits to:

  •  Appropriate staff members have the appropriate Food Handler’s Certificate, as well as OSHA certified

  •  Managers/Chefs providing daily briefings regarding any updates or adjustments

  •  Managers/Chefs ensuring proper use of protective equipment and all food safety
    standards including
    o Disposable gloves
    o Face masks or coverings
    o Cleaning tools, sanitizers, and disinfectants


  • Face masks or coverings are required upon entrance, walking through the restaurant, and after finishing the meal

  • Hand sanitizer is available for Guest use throughout the restaurant

  • All dining tables are 6 feet apart 

Facility Layout

In addition to the procedures outlined above for staff and Guests, we will add the following steps to ensure a clean, healthy environment:

  • Tables will be spaced or seated to ensure six (6) feet distance between Guests

  • Kitchen will be reconfigured to maintain social distancing between employees

  • High traffic areas (restrooms, hallways, take out areas, etc) will be monitored to ensure
    social distancing