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Break Bread - Listening Exchange Series

As a close-knit Italian family, we understand the value of coming together over food. It's nutritious for the body and nourishing to the soul. We have been honored to celebrate milestones with our guests over the last 23 years, most joyful and many mournful. 

Bringing people together with food is just what we do. 

As a restaurant in these unprecedented times, we feel a responsibility to serve the community in a way only a restaurant can.

With our Breaking Bread Listening Exchange series, we are inviting our guests to participate in a social-emotional experience.

We've been taught not to talk about things we deem uncomfortable, but the silence is deafening. Our goal is to foster friendship, understanding and especially healing, in particular, at this time, with regards to race issues. 

This experience is an exercise in Listening, not in debate; it's a simple concept, but not always easy to do. You might even say it's downright uncomfortable, but it is what the world needs more than anything. 

For this event, we will be providing a clean, plant-based menu, featuring an array of delicious, non-alcoholic mocktails, to keep emotions in check. 

Break Bread with us this summer with a Happy Hour that's good for your soul.

Every Tuesday beginning July 7.


For more information or to reserve your spot, call 631-321-6392