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Meet Our Team 

silly george

George Cosentino

Owner /  Food Snob / Secret Ingredient

Meet George. He is the heart and soul of Restaurant Gemelli. He loves pizza. A lot.

George emigrated from Italy as a child and brought with him a long legacy of Neapolitan food snobs. He tried to escape his destiny by getting a degree in Accounting from Westbury. But he was dragged back in when his family opened Ristorante Gemelli in 1997. Since then, Restaurant Gemelli has become a medley of his musings, from the menu to the decor to the music, George is the secret ingredient.  He is the WORST to go out to eat with because he critiques everything and rarely enjoys himself; he is even more critical with Restaurant Gemelli. This is where he experiments. This is where he has fun.

Stephanie Cosentino


Stephanie is George’s wife. She is a writer. The day she walked into Restaurant Gemelli looking for a job in 1998 completely changed her life. It has inspired a memoir, a short story and a novel (all yet to be published - so stay tuned!)! She is responsible for sharing the always unfolding Gemelli story.

steph front desk
Mama Gemelli

Mama Gemelli

The Creator  

Mama Gemelli started it all and until the end kept her eagle eyes on her Gemellis. Though she passed away in 2015, the truth is she is and always will be Gemellis. Her presence is still felt and even the newest members of Restaurant Gemelli get a formal introduction to the Legend. She loved nothing more than her children and feeding people. Give her five ingredients and a kitchen and you’d get a feast and zero-waste. It was her thing before Zero Waste became a “thing.” She is at the heart of our re-commitment to becoming Zero-waste in the next few years.